Trail planning provides the opportunity to protect and renew our physical environment, promote active living, and enhance tourism opportunities. This project can help foster a sense of ownership and stewardship for trail groups in the County, and can help educate trail groups regarding natural heritage features and land management practices and policies.

The popularity of recreational trail use has increased dramatically during the last few decades, but with this increased trail use come various pressures. Different trail users compete for the same trails, trespassing can become an issue where suitable trails are not available, noise can be an annoyance to residents, and damage to the environment can occur. Maintaining a balance between the needs and desires of trail users in the County, the full and part time residents, the various municipalities and summer villages, and the environmental quality of the area requires careful consideration. Development of a realistic trail master plan that is supported by the community is critical to the ongoing success of a multi-use trail system in Lac Ste. Anne County.

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