SARTUC (planning)

Planning for the Development of a Multi Use Trail System within Lac Ste. Anne County

Ste. Anne Recreational Trail Use Committee (SARTUC)

Lac Ste. Anne Off Highway Vehicle Committee:

This committee was formed in the fall of 2005 consisting of the following representation: 2 County Councilors, 1 Alberta Beach Councilor, 2 Councilors from the Summer Villages within Lac Ste. Anne County boundaries, 3 County farmers, 2 Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club reps, 2 LSA ATV Club reps, 1 County subdivision resident rep, 1 RCMP rep, 1 Business rep, and County administration support (administration, special constable, manager of protective services).

Within a very short time the Committee established the following:


  • education
  • enforcement
  • formation of an ATV Association/Club
  • investigate development of trail system/play area
  • investigate possible program for repair of environmental damage


  • education (4 members)
  • enforcement (4 members)
  • ATV Association (3 members)
  • Trail Development/Environmental Damage (4 members)

We are very proud to say that we have now realized our first 3 priorities/goals, and are very close to completing our 4th priority/goal, and it is now time to concentrate on the actual trail development. For several years now there have been approved snowmobile trails within Lac Ste. Anne County, and there is continual forethought to expanding these trails.

It is now time to move forward with development of a multi use trail that would encompass some of the existing snowmobile trails, and then expand to new areas. The two biggest issues facing this project is funding and available land (there is a great deal of provincially owned land within the County that would make a great addition to our trail system).

Current Status

There are currently 105 kms of approved snowmobile trails on developed and undeveloped road allowances, with a very small portion through private land within the County. In addition, Lac Ste. Anne County has title to three quarter sections of land which have the potential of being developed into a recreational opportunity.

Within Lac Ste. Anne County there are also a number of Provincial lease lands which, with landowner/land manager approval, might be considered for inclusion in this project. Numerous existing recreational/tourism amenities could also be linked to the trail system. Specific target areas (communities/amenities/businesses etc) will be identified at the start of the study process.

Lac Ste. Anne County

With a population of 9,516 (plus 364 as the Village of Sangudo dissolved in late 2007), and in close proximity to the Capital Region, we are a rural municipality experiencing a great deal of recreational use through snowmobiles, quads, bikes, horses etc.

During the past 10 years the County has worked with the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club to approve approximately 105 kms of trail, of which the majority is multi use. This initial process took a great deal of time with public meetings and administration sorting, however is now much easier and quicker because of past experiences. In 2007 the County approved another 6 kms of road allowance for trails.

In the fall of 2005 Lac Ste. Anne County established an Off Highway Vehicle Committee to determine and propose resolution to the many issues and problems surrounding OHV use. This committee, made up of a few elected officials and the balance being volunteer stakeholders, has put many hours of research, thought and time to collaborate and network a positive outcome.

In 2006 and 2007 the County, in an attempt to deter environmental damage and allow natural repair of the road allowances, as well as eliminating the cutting of fences because of terrain conditions, denied ATV access to 2 portions of road allowance from April 1 to October. 31. There were some minor problems when ATV access to these road allowances was first denied (signs and gates damaged) but this has resolved itself and these restrictions are now understood and respected.

Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club

Established in 1970, a family oriented club which is dedicated to “continuous growth” and “safe snowmobiling”. To date, the Club has invested well over $100,000.00 in trail development, including the purchase of a groomer in 2007. These costs do not include labor and the immense amount of volunteer hours. The Club promotes safety and “following the rules”, and has adopted a snowmobile code of ethics. The Club organizes family club rides, hold monthly dinner meetings during the winter and promote safe, responsible snowmobiling.

In 2008/09 the Club had 120 members and sold 146 regular trail passes and 99 day passes. As trail passes are not mandatory to ride the trails, the number of trail passes sold represents a very small portion of the actual trail users. The Club is a member of the Alberta Snowmobile Association, and note that only a portion of the fees collected come back to our Club.

The Club has produced a pamphlet that encompasses the Club’s goals and objectives, and identifies approved trail systems within Lac Ste. Anne County (attached for reference).

Lac Ste. Anne ATV Club

Formed in June of 2006 with 26 memberships sold (42 members). In December of 2008 55 memberships were sold (130 members).

Last 2 events held:

February 2007 SnoMo Days Rally – 100 riders, 513 hands sold – $1,200.00 raised for the Lions Club.

December 2007 – Lions ATV Rally – 176 riders, 736 hands sold, $2,167.50 raised for the Lions Club.

Club Goals

Education regarding the following:

  • Safety & rules
    • Respect of private land
    • Respect of the environment
    • Respect of the other people and their activities (skidoos, horses etc.)
  • Develop multi use trails for year round use and have a complete trail system
  • Develop and maintain relationships with landowners, municipal partners and area residents regarding ATVing
  • Develop a fundraising program that will help with the cost of trail development and maintenance

As a club, we have made good progress on some goals:

  • Education on safety and rules:
    • Use of helmets has risen greatly
    • Number of complaints is down (speeding, stunting, conflicts etc.)
  • Private landowners:
    • Have had great success working with landowners in organizing rallies (being able to use their land)
  • Fundraising:
    • Great success with Rallies

Planning for Development of Multi Use Trails

Project Name:
Multi-use Trail Expansion in Lac St. Anne County

  • Nearest Town: Alberta Beach
  • Group: Snowmobile
  • Project Number: AB-3

For more information, visit the National Trails Coalition web site:


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