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1. What is an Off-Highway Vehicle?

An off-highway vehicle is any vehicle designed for travel overland and includes (but is not limited to) quads, snow machines, dirt bikes, three wheeled vehicles and any other powered vehicle manufactured for road or highway travel.

2. What are the Provincial Regulations?

All off-highway vehicles must be registered and insured unless they are used exclusively on privately owned land with the permission of the landowner.

All off-highway vehicles must have the appropriate lights, mufflers and braking systems.

Off-highway vehicles may not operate on any one, two or three digit numbered highways (i.e. highway #2, #43 or #633).

A highway includes the ditches, backslopes and all the land along the driving portion from fence line to fence line or bush line to bush line.

All additional provincial regulations apply.

3. What are the County Regulations?

Off-highway vehicles may operate on any road maintained or owned by Lac Ste. Anne County.

All Off-highway vehicles must be licensed and insured in order to operate on County owned roads and/or lands.

The maximum speed for off-highway vehicles on County roads is 40 kmh.

Off-highway vehicles may not be operated on County roads/lands between midnight and 8:00 a.m.

4. What is a Primary Highway?

A primary highway is a highway owned and maintained by the Province of Alberta, and includes all numbered highways with one, two or three digits. This includes all the land from fence line to fence line.

5. What is a Highway?

A highway includes any road, street, trail, laneway, bridge or trestle that the public has access to.

6. Where can I ride my Off-Highway Vehicle?

In Lac Ste. Anne County you may ride on any privately owned land that you have right of access on, and on any County maintained or owned highway.

7. What equipment is required on my Off-Highway Vehicle?

You must have lights, brakes and a muffler (cut out mufflers and mufflers with the baffles removed are not legal). We strongly recommend that all safety equipment be worn (helmets are not mandatory but are recommended).

8. Can I ride my Off-Highway Vehicle on Lakes and Rivers?

Lakes and Rivers in Alberta are Crown Property and Provincial regulations apply (you must have a license and insurance).

9. Can I ride my Off-Highway Vehicle on Private Property?

Only with the express permission of the landowner, without permission trespass laws will apply.

10. Do I require a Safety Helmet to ride by Off-Highway Vehicle?

Safety helmets are not required by law, but should be worn for your safety.

11. How old do I have to be before I can ride an Off-Highway Vehicle by Myself?

You must be at least 14 years of age before you may ride unsupervised.

12. Must I have a muffler on my Dirt Bike?

Every Off-Highway Vehicle, including a dirt bike, must have a proper muffler (remember – you must not disturb the peace and enjoyment of others).

13. Respecting the Rights of Others.

Remember your enjoyment of your sport cannot be at the expense of others. Be sure to respect the rights of others and the environment. Please be courteous and never ride on private land without the permission of the land owner.

14. Enforcing the laws regarding Off-Highway Vehicles?

Operate without insurance - $230.00 and vehicle is seized

Operate without registration - $115.00 and vehicle is seized

Operate on a highway - $230.00 and vehicle is seized

Improper equipment - $ 57.00

If you have any questions, please call Constable Hambling at the Lac Ste. Anne County Office 780-459-1900 or 780-785-3411.

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